The Team’s Background


Principals have 30+ years each in investor recordkeeping.

Worked for:

  • IBM, Franklin-Templeton
  • SunGard
  • Funds Associates Ltd
  • First Data Resources
  • PNC Bank (PFPC)

Used a SaaS-based delivery model and fostered a team culture that gave superior service

Worked with major U.S. financial institutions including broker/dealers, banks, insurance companies and investment advisors to provide wealth management technology services

We created mutual fund supermarkets/minimarket services using a new streamlined back office operating model for mutual fund advisory programs

The Team’s Credentials

  • Unmatched Experience Processing Assets in the Trillions

    Our team has unmatched experience in creating major investor recordkeeping systems. One of these systems was responsible for an extraordinary shift in the processing flows/concepts for participants in the mutual fund recordkeeping/servicing industry. Over $3 trillion in assets and 200 million investor accounts were moved from the mutual fund transfer agency systems to the broker/dealer platforms by using the concept of omnibus accounting. This transformation allowed the broker-dealer to enjoy major operating efficiencies and cost/revenue benefits of over $2 billion of annual savings in back-office processing costs.

  • Advanced ETF/Mutual Fund Wrap Program Creation and Servicing

    The product we created was also unique in its ability to include a fully advanced ETF/Mutual Fund wrap program that included full portfolio accounting features including customized model portfolios, rebalancing, asset-based fee generation and complete tax awareness for the client. The processing structure was different in that the investor data had a singular copy for use by both the portfolio accounting component and the investor custodial component. This structure resulted in the product maintaining a fully functional books and records system that did not require a supporting clearing brokerage platform to mirror the accounts.

  • Industrial Strength Processing

    We are uniquely qualified to meet industrial strength operating requirements that must address processing windows of hundreds of thousands of trades per day, postings of millions of dividend distributions in a nightly batch cycle and creating thousands of rebalance trades for aggregation in extremely short trading windows. We have solved processing sensitivities for large volume investor processing rarely realized by even the largest custodial vendors today.

  • Worked with These Large Financial Institutions

    A partial list of those clients who have or are now currently using the system we created includes nearly all of the major US retail brokerage and clearing services including: Pershing, Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan, National Financial (Fidelity), UBS, Schwab Clearing, Raymond James, Broadridge, TD Ameritrade, Wells Fargo Advisors, LPL, Edward Jones, Morningstar (Mutual Fund Wrap), RPC Dain Rausher, and Primerica.

Now We are Starting Again

  • We are building a new asset allocation brokerage system using our past experience
  • We are using Selectport’s Web infrastructure programs to jumpstart our development
  • We will be using the same key people who created our previous product to do it again with a more modern technology and a strict emphasis on ETF and no load mutual funds
  • Our starting staff is on board and we will soon be adding more team members:
Ken Arthur & Dick Lucas
Scott Eckenrode
(Founder & Technology)
Annette Saavedra