ETFengine is a New FinTech Company with Unmatched Expertise.

ETFengine revolutionizes digital advice delivery. Our technology fills a huge need in the digital advice marketplace. Today, there are awkward solutions consisting of independent legacy platforms poorly stitched together. These are not designed for e-advice delivery and carry cumbersome extra baggage and unnecessary expenses in e-advice offerings.

Our Solution is a new integrated straight-through technology proven to lower investor costs. Our benefit is simply stated: we allow you to compete in a market that often charges digital advice fees below 30 basis points.

And more good news: Rock bottom e-advice delivery cost is only a portion of our breakthrough value proposition.

The Solution

Moving Five Systems into One


Brokerage System

Internet Self-Service System

Portfolio Accounting System

Performance Bench Marks



There are at least three systems required to solve the current business process model for digital advice. Our system results in reduced complexity and a more streamlined process with a dramatic cost advantage.

Our structure means there is no reconciliation processes needed between systems to assure that investor data is identical in the brokerage system and the portfolio system.

The portfolio accounting, rebalance, performance and benchmark systems are integral to the straight-through process using the same data.