Our key advantage is our understanding that design, development, deployment, operations and maintenance are all related. ETFengine has designed our solution right from the start and incorporate all of these technology elements into the product. Ours is not a development separated from an operations system. We have the domain knowledge, the technology development knowledge and enough experience to bring all of these forces together to be able to build this quickly. More importantly, this combination leads to new system that will have great durability and longevity.

A comprehensive white paper on our technology elaborating on the following outlined items is available at sales@etfengine.com


Our design leverages our unique domain AND development expertise to create a modern, robust, and scalable platform. It embraces cloud technology while permitting extensive 3rd party integration.

ETFengine design is:

  • portfolio asset allocation driven focus for data organization and processing.
  • integrated cash components.
  • multi-custodian enabled
  • mix and match options with complementary solutions to allow customers to use existing capabilities
  • modern, service oriented – not monolithic
  • parallel service oriented and uses a data model design to take advantage of today’s hardware and software best practices
  • APIs, APIs, APIs
  • very strict separation of services
  • event driven, event observed


Our technology philosophy translates into a development process allows that us to build a system very quickly. Our systems are built for longevity and we fully understand that maintenance and future flexibility is very important. Our customers wants a solution that survives and grows with them

ETFengine development is:

  • modern languages, modern data architecture
  • service oriented
  • APIs everywhere
  • extensive use of robust data dictionary
  • test driven development
  • Continuous Integration (CI) software release stragetgy
  • extensive integration testing, including test-in-production designed in from Day 1
  • small integrated services designed to be iterated over time
  • a great balance speed of development and long term maintenance.
  • support 24×7 operations at scale


We anticipated and designed 3rd party integration up front – not as an afterthought.

ETFengine integration is:

  • APIs everywhere -> ui informed APIs
  • strict layer architecture with defined integration points
  • developers portal


Deployment in the cloud is hard – especially if it is an after thought. Deployment can be accomplished a number of ways but because we host ETFengine, we’ve built the tools to allow hosting to be done right.

ETFengine deployment is:

  • on your premises, on cloud, or a hybrid
  • we host or you host
  • Maestro – our integrated cloud management application provides
    • vpn (virtual private network), health monitoring in and around system
    • integrated service discovery and management, firewalls
    • no public access to any servers except web portals
    • dual factor security available; segregated user management
    • blue/green frequent releases


Day-to-day operations in a 24×7 environment requires a good exceptions processing philosophy and good tools to run, monitor and audit. ETFengine was created with special thought to operations in a service oriented, parallel/aggregation landscape Our product delivery matrix has us running ETFengine sometimes and customers running ETF engine other times. We’ve built efficiency into the system for us and our clients.

ETFengine operations is:

  • job scheduler and execution
  • parallel/aggregation/combination features/functions
  • integrated reconciliation and audit/monitor
  • robust reporting
  • active exceptions alerting and notification system