A New Hybrid Brokerage and Trust System

ETFengine is a specialized brokerage system and/or trust accounting system. The solution contains the full books and records required by a custodian as well as asset allocation, automatic portfolio rebalancing and a web-based user self-service interface.

Streamlined service

  • Solution is only concerned with a single class of CUSIPS
  • Trading is aggregated
  • There is only one copy of data so fulfillment of requests to portfolio accounting systems is absent
  • Client account posting for dividends and capital gains at unmatched speed
  • Confirmations are available immediately after trade fulfillment
  • API interfaces at each step of the process

A white paper is available with more information about our omnibus concept including processing and trade flows, compliance features and cost comparisons. Contact sales@etfengine.com for your copy.

ETFengine Major Components and Services


  • Full Internet Servicing
  • New Account Setup, Advisor Assignment, Straight-Through Process
  • Risk Profiling and Assessment
  • Rebalancing and Tax Sensitivity Management
  • Investor Statement and Confirmation Generation
  • Investor Tax Reporting: Qualified and Non-Qualified Plans
  • Cash Account and Sweep Processing
  • Regulatory Reporting
  • Fee Calculations and Assessment
  • Personal Performance Calculations
  • House Holding
  • AML and KYC Gateway Interface
  • Model Management
  • Trade Order Management and Placement
  • Rebalance Trade Aggregation
  • Rebalance Account Management and Reconcilement
  • Rounding Difference Account Management
  • Rebalance Settlement
  • Trade Disaggregation
  • Trade Recording and Trade Linking
  • Dividend Allocation
  • Tax Lot Tracking and Harvesting
  • Subsequent Trade Rebalancing Calculations/Automation
  • Pricing Assets
  • Portfolio Reporting Actual vs. Model
  • Benchmark Comparisons
  • Cash, ACH, Wire and Third-Party Instructions
  • Systematic Investment Plan and Systematic Withrawal Processing
  • Official Books and Records
  • Trade Confirmations
  • Margin Processing for Rebalancing
  • Retirement Plan Reporting
  • Dividend Processing
  • Capital Gain Distribution and Processing
  • Escheatment Processing
  • Fulfillment
  • Proxy
  • Cash Accounting: Settlement Collection
  • AML Servicing
  • Omnibus Clearing
  • Omnibus Reconcilement
  • Multiple Custodian
  • Full API Accessible
  • API Granular to the Sub-Process Level
  • Multiple Access Constituents
  • Proven Major Infrastructure Elements: Authentication, Logging, Queue Processing, Service Master, etc…

One Copy of Investor Data